About Us


Rafyi Ltd., Business Services team has a drive and dynamism aimed at identifying the needs of our customers, offering quality in our products and services.

We define our company as an environment, in which all elements must work in perfect balance; To continue self-feeding and growing steadily over time, we define our environment as a set composed of our collaborators, customers, suppliers and environment. All components are important and bring great value to the company, so we encourage harmony between each and every one of them


We put the truth in all our actions, guaranteeing the fulfillment of the commitments acquired with our clients. We constantly work in search of excellence to meet our goals by being firm in the decisions that are made.

Proactivity & Quality

The team that makes up the Rafyi Ltd. family works hard with enthusiasm and initiative to achieve the quality that customers deserve.


We carry out constant analysis of our processes in order to apply the necessary corrective measures that maintain and improve the quality of our services.


We focus on the timely fulfillment of our goals and objectives looking for a way to minimize costs without losing agreement with the rest of our values, thus promoting the optimization of our processes and the profitability of the company.

Know Our Team

DI Saheb Rafyi


Dr. Vafa Mohammadi

Petro Vafa Tejahrat

Dr. Hamid Rafatie

Westwood Management GmbH

Sandro Danelia

Georgia & Euroasia

Dr. Milad Rafi Nia

Turkey & Africa

Zainab Rafyi


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